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Emotional Intelligence - Series 5

Relationship management

Welcome to our Emotional Intelligence series, this free online course shows you how to get better results in the workplace through better communications.


Series 5:

In this series, we look at relationship management. Why and how to develop others, the importance of diversity, social skills and how we can use collaboration and teamwork for better workplace outcomes.

Lecture 14 - Developing others

In this lecture, we look at the importance of developing others

Activity: Download and utilise the professional development plan for your team.

EQ Series - Professional development plan
Download PDF • 87KB

Lecture 15 - Diversity

A diverse workplace will help organisations better understand target demographics and what moves them. A diverse workplace can better align an organization's culture with the demographic make-up of its customers. Increased customer satisfaction by improving how employees interact with a more diverse clientele and public.

Lecture 16 - Social skills

Social skills are important because they help you build, maintain and grow relationships with colleagues, clients and new contacts.

Activity: Bad listening habits

EQ Series - Bad listening habits
Download PDF • 85KB

Lecture 17 - Collaboration and teamwork

Collaboration in a workplace involves a group of people sharing their ideas and skills in order to achieve a common goal. Working collaboratively, instead of individually, helps improve productivity and gives employees a sense of purpose in the organization.



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