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Emotional Intelligence - Series 2

Managing our own emotions can lead to better workplace outcomes

Welcome to our Emotional Intelligence series, this free online course shows you how to get better results in the workplace through better communications.


Series 2:

The first step is understanding and then increasing our emotional intelligence, by looking at our own range of emotions. This lecture analyses what self-awareness is, and why it is important to developing our emotional intelligence.

Lecture 4 - Emotional self-awareness

Activity: Download and complete a self-reflection task.

EQ Series - Basic Emotions
Download PDF • 83KB

Lecture 5 - How to self-assess accurately

Activity: Download and complete the self-assessment form

EQ Series - Emotional strengths and weaknesses
Download PDF • 88KB

Lecture 6 - What is self-confidence?

Next: Series 3 - Self-management - Your team will trust you, and work more effectively.



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