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The Great Retention - Part 1

Let's hear from Bill McLellan, a leading certified solution strategist on People and Culture.

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Why Cubed's Managing Director Bill is committed to creating those insights that ensure business owners make an impact on their future and that of their people.

Question 1.

The importance of personal fulfilment in the workplace as a driver of employee retention.

"Where are your employees on the engagement boat? On average, thirty per cent in the front, fifty in the middle, and twenty to thirty at the back."

Question 2.

It's not the high or low achievers driving the great resignation; it's the people in the middle.

Question 3.

Innovative companies use analytical tools to find out what their people need to feel fulfilled in their job.

Question 4.

Start the onboarding journey by knowing what makes people tick. Analytical tools will help with this.

Question 5.

My company wants me to do professional development; what's in it for me?

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