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The Great Retention - Part 2

Join us for part 2 with Bill McLellan, a leading certified solution strategist on People and Culture. If you've just joined us, here is part one of our chat.

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Why Cubed's Managing Director Bill is committed to creating those insights that ensure business owners make an impact on their future and that of their people.

Question 6.

Design your career with intent. Bill and Campbell explore the idea that designing your career with intent differs for everyone. What is fulfilling for each individual is different and is a crucial driver of engagement.

Question 7.

Learning & development as a value proposition for organisations. By discovering what drives each person, the organisation can play to each person's strengths.

Question 8.

Understanding why people want to work in your organisation. The adaptable and agile organisation will seek to understand 'why' people want to work in the organisation. What is the primary motivator for working there?

Question 9.

Fulfilment drives great retention. Individuals who feel fulfilled in their workplace are more likely to be engaged and move the organisation forward.

Question 10.

The individuals make up the culture. The culture of an organisation isn't what is written down in words; it is the actions of every person within the organisation.



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