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Ageism in the workplace

Why businesses should be looking to hire people in their fifties, sixties and seventies.

Dave McCaughan is back with a new blog on ageism in the workplace, author of our most popular blog in 2022, "Changing Career in your Fifties".

Ageing populations and the need to rethink or, as you say, Retryment is becoming a more significant issue.

What are the most significant barriers to businesses accepting that hiring more mature-aged workers is good for their business?

David shares his three most important elements in the interview and the benefits for businesses in hiring mature-aged workers.

  1. The perception is that if you hire older people, they won't be around long enough.

  2. Misconceptions around technical adaptability and change.

  3. Experience with life and situations.

Watch the full interview with Dave McCaughan on ageism in the workplace.

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