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Neurodiversity in the workplace

In our enlightening interview with Catherine Lee, Director and Founder of the Neurodiverse Safe Work Initiative, we delved into the essence and significance of neurodiversity in the workplace. Catherine clarified misconceptions about neurodiversity, advocating for its value as a resource rather than viewing it as a challenge to be overcome.

She emphasised the importance of adopting a work health and safety perspective to create inclusive, supportive environments that leverage the unique strengths of neurodivergent individuals. Through discussing the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems approach and the person-centred approach, Catherine provided actionable strategies for organisations to support neurodiverse employees.

Her insights underscore the critical role of diversity of thought in fostering innovation and growth, compelling HR professionals and business leaders to embrace and implement practices that ensure everyone can thrive in the workplace.


Catherine clarifies what neurodiversity means and how it differs from common misconceptions.

Catherine now explains the importance of approaching neurodiversity through a work health and safety lens rather than solely through disability discrimination frameworks.

Catherine describes the two main approaches to supporting neurodiverse individuals in the workplace: the OHS Management Systems approach and the person-centred approach. Then, she expands on these methods and provides practical examples of what employers can do to implement these strategies effectively.



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