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RPL is fast

So how long does RPL take? Well, not long at all.

In fact, most candidates take between 5 and 10 hours to put their portfolio together.

Remember? We're not talking about coursework here. If you sign up to a college, you're talking about

a one-year full-time equivalent, so 500+ hours. RPL is 5-10 hours.

So less than 2% of the time, not to mention that studying at college will cost you about $5,000 and what we're talking about is around $1,500.

So RPL, is it going to take you a lot of time? No, it's not.

Remember, the evidence that you're supplying is things that you're doing every day. Meetings, operational plans, reports, performance reviews dealing with difficulties, email strings where you're solving problems, all things that, as a competent leader and manager, you're regularly doing in the workplace.

So what we're talking about is putting together your portfolio of evidence from things that you're doing daily.

So, in a nutshell, RPL does not take long to do it all when you're comparing it to course work or study.

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